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Micronutrient Testing

Find out if you are getting the nutrients you need with Spectracell’s Micronutrient Test! This test will shed light on nutritional deficiencies that often go undetected with routine lab work. It is well known that nutrition plays a key role in optimal wellness and in chronic disease prevention and management. This micronutrient test measures 31 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids which can help identify the root cause of many health conditions and concerns.


How does micronutrient testing work?

Testing requires a lab requisition form that can be obtained at your nutrition appointment. A test kit will then be mailed to your home. You will take the kit and the requisition form to a draw site (or a phlebotomist can come to your home). You do not need to fast for the blood draw. Your results will be provided at your follow-up nutrition appointment.


To find a draw site near you, please visit:

Spectracell Testing.jpg
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Cost of kit only:

$420 + shipping

(paid directly to Spectracell)

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