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I sought out Elizabeth to help with a vegetarian low FODMAP eating plan to help with lower GI issues. Not only did she customize a very doable plan for me, but suggested I pursue SIBO testing to address the underlying issues. I did, was treated, and am feeling much better. I recently saw Elizabeth for a New Year’s tune-up, and was so glad I did...came away with an adjusted plan and some great tips to get more antioxidant foods into my diet. Elizabeth is great!!!

Nutrition client (50 year old female)

You have made a big impact. I wished [I] had touched base sooner! 

Nutrition Client

Very thorough and informative consultation and I really liked the integrated, whole person approach.

Nutrition client (49 year old female)

Many thanks for your good advice. It has really made a difference and helped me get control of my weight better that any other "diet" I've ever followed. Not to mention it's really easy to stick to (and therefore that much more successful and easy to maintain/get back to, particularly around times like the holidays and its food excesses.)

Nutrition Client

Loved the workshop yesterday!  I also really enjoyed the questions and comments other participants made. And your teaching was so great. I learned a lot, and had some things confirmed.

Class participant

We love your high level of organization, professionalism, knowledge and sweet spirit.


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