Restore and Rebalance

Weight Loss Program

Are you sick of being tired? And tired of being sick? 

Are you frustrated because you lost weight and could not keep it off?

Or are you frustrated because despite all your efforts, you still cannot lose weight?


It is time to take a different approach. An approach that nourishes your body instead of depriving it.


This program focuses on nourishing your body so that it can function optimally. While weight loss may be your goal, my goal is to restore your body to nutrient sufficiency and rebalance your lifestyle. Weight loss will be an intended side effect!


This is NOT a quick fix. This program involves time and commitment to support lasting results*. In addition, this program provides health education to empower you and give you the tools to be successful in supporting a healthy lifestyle.


*Results are not guaranteed.

Program components:

  • Spectracell micronutrient testing

  • Functional Medicine Food Plans

  • Professional-grade protein and fiber supplements*

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation

  • Three months of biweekly nutrition consultations

  • Health education on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and reducing toxins.

*Additional supplements may be recommended based on your unique needs.

Weight Loss Essentials


Program cost

starts at $949


Payment is made in installments

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